Motorcycle Tank Bag-Made By Indian

Indian Motorcycle Tank Pouch
Indian Motorcycle Tan Tank Pouch


Motorcycle Tank Bag


OK, so there are a lot of bags that you can buy online for your motorcycle and they are very good. But, I have found that the Indian Motorcycle tank bag is a nice addition to your existing accessory arsenal. It is made of leather exterior that comes with a clear window to place a cell phone or any other number of things.

It secures nicely to your Indian Motorcycle using high strength magnets and in no time installation is complete.

The tank pouch for your motorcycle is a great investment.
I remember when I had bought my motorcycle and I was a new rider having to put my cell phone in my leather jacket. This worked out for a while, I mean if I needed my phone I would just stop the bike and answer a call. I then began taking longer trips on more roads and spending more time riding, so remembering more roads was getting more difficult and time-consuming.

So now if I needed to find a place I would have to actually stop the bike and start my GPS app and see where I was going. More time sitting and less time riding not good for me. So, I began researching what was online at the time and found that a tank bag is what I really needed to go riding to new and interesting locations.

What a great invention the tank bag is, it is held in place by strong magnets and you can put a cell phone in it, keep it dry and look down occasionally to check on the route you are following. It is a very convenient piece of equipment that every biker should own.

I presently own a smaller tank bag that doesn’t fit my IPhone but I will be purchasing this gorgeous tank bag in the near future and I will be able to fit my IPhone, and then I can just plug in my destination and head out on the open road.



  • Genuine leather Pouch
  • Clear Plastic Window
  • Strong Magnets Fits Securely
  • Item weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 13.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches
  • Item #: 2880619-05
  • Best Deal on Amazon: $169.99

In Closing


This motorcycle tank bag is a great investment for anyone who rides. You will now have a safe and secure place for your cell phone when traveling to any new destination. It is securely held in place with powerful magnets and it comes in a lovely tan leather that everyone will be commenting on.
It is durable and weather resistant for those times that you couldn’t out run the rain. I really do recommend this product to anyone who owns a scout/scout sixty in a variety of colors. It is an investment that you will use for many years to come and the map will always be right where you need it to be.


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Michelin Commander II Tires-For Scout Sixty

Michelin CMDR II Front Tires
Michelin CMDR II Front Tires 130/90-16 72H

Michelin Commander II Tires


These Michelin Commander II tires that are made by Michelin to optimize the bike’s ride
and handling are an awesome addition to your bike. These tires come loaded with many features and technological innovations that have made this one of Americas great tire companies. Reviews for these tires on the scout or scout sixty can be found on YouTube and there are quite a few. They all have positive things to say about these tires when it comes to handling in wet or dry conditions.

Now I know there are other brands of tires that you can choose to put on your baby, but for my baby I will be putting on a set of these. Do I rally need new tires, No, I don’t but the OEM tires that came with the scout sixty are the Kendra tires and I have had some front end skidding in the rain on turning and some other events that just don’t make me trust the Kendra tires.

The Kendra tires that came with the scout sixty have been reliable and have held up to 4000 miles that I have put on the bike, but the performance has not always been there for me. And now I heard that Indian Motorcycle is now switching to the Pirelli tires for the 2018 models of the scout sixty. So it is not just me that decided that the Kendra tires were not as good as hoped for.


Michelin CMDR II Rear Tires
Michelin CMDR II Rear Tires 150/80-16 71H

The Michelin Commander II tires are loaded with lots of features that are as follows;

Product Features

  • Innovative look with a premium sidewall finish
  • Last up to 25,000 miles
  • It is made with Michelin Amplified Density Technology
  • Premium handling responsiveness
  • Top layer of rear tire made of Aramid Fibers, this combines resistance and lightweight feel
  • Perfect stability at high speeds
  • Excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • A new longitudinal tread design provides outstanding water evacuation making excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • Warranty: See below


Michelin Commander II Tires Summary


Title: Michelin Commander II Tires for Scout Sixty
Product Description: An easy steering tire that has longevity and is great in the rain

Item Weight: 16.5 Lbs.

Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 25.5 x 5.9 inches

Section Width: 150 millimeters

Aspect ratio: 80

Construction: Bias

Rim Diameter: 16 Inches

Load Index Rating: 77

Speed Rating: H

Rim Width: 150 millimeter

Pros/Cons: Pro long-lasting, great wet traction Michelin made, Cons-a little stiff

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 30 day satisfaction guarantees, 3-year flat tire changing assistance limited mileage warranty

Price: Front Tire 130/90-16 for $144.70 on (Amazon), and Rear Tire 150/80-16 for $143.87 on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10 for such great performance and reviews


2016 Scout Sixty with Commander II Tires
2016 Scout Sixty with Commander II Tires




In Summary, I believe that you can’t buy a better set of tires for your scout sixty than the Michelin Commanders II. There are over 600 positive reviews on amazon for these tires alone. They are not only very nice looking but they are technologically at the fore front for motorcycle tires. They are excellent tires that last a long time and are great on wet roads which are 2 very important features to motorcycle riders.

I love these tires so much that I highly recommend them to anyone riding a scout or scout sixty. And come May 2018 I will be purchasing the front and rear commander II for my Indian scout sixty. Because I truly believe that these tires will be a much-needed safety feature for my bike and they should last me a long time.

If you have enjoyed reading my review on Michelin Commander II tires, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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Where is the Spring-I Want to Ride!

This is Spring
This is Spring


Where is the Spring!

I believe I can speak for all of us motorcycle riders when I say we have endured a harsh long winter and now it should be over. We have arrived in April a time when the flowers start to bloom and the average temperature should be in the 50s. A time when people begin their spring cleaning and ready themselves for the summer months and vacation time.
Just look at the above picture beautiful isn’t it, I mean it looks like a great place to visit on an awesome ride. A place that you could ride to and park the bike, take off the helmet and take a deep breath and let it all in. A place where there is plenty of vegetation, trees and streams to really relax and feel the outdoors and become one with nature.

Does such a place exist?

Is there such a place as this in the United States

So many colors, So much beauty!

Yes, but of course such places exist in this wonderful place we call the U.S. I know I have seen these places, I have smelled the forest, I have seen the southern morning dew with the sound of crickets and have felt the heat of the morning sun on my face. It has been a feeling of pure satisfaction for the soul and gladness to have been blessed with this thing we call life.

Nice and warm



Spring is a season that has always been special for me because it brings with it a new fresh start. You go through Summer, Fall, Winter then Spring a fresh start a new beginning and life is blossoming around you and the birds are busy at work this is indeed a wonderful time. But, this year it has not arrived here in Minot, ND we still have snow on the ground and the temperatures are still cold.

North Dakota
North Dakota



Spring is Warmer!


The temperature today in Minot N. D is 31 degrees going up to 37 by 6pm and Sunday a high of 40 degrees. This is not exactly great spring motorcycle riding weather and spring has not sprung around here. The thing with Minot is that the highways are great for riding I mean it is really a large state. You can ride for miles and miles and never see the end of the road, you can go 65 MPH or 75MPH and never catch up to the car in front of you.

This in fact is a great thing because it cuts down on accidents and crazy cagers cutting you off. I remember when I was living in New Jersey and I wanted to go to my favorite Indian dealer I would have to take 4 highways to get there and be on high alert at all times. The driving was crazy if it wasn’t the cars in front of me it was cars behind me doing some crazy things to get ahead of me. And for what?, they still got to where they were going, everything was rush, rush, rush.
Not here, the riding here is always a pleasurable experience and the Canadian border is only 45 minutes away. It is always a pleasure to go for a ride on my Indian Scout Sixty whether I go to the nearby lake and check out the fascinating twists and turns or just ride on the open road to no particular place, I always enjoy my rides.

I will say if I could I would add more trees and add more places to go to and an ocean because if this place had those things then I would probably stay here. I really do love the peacefulness and the beautiful lakes that North Dakota has to offer.

Rt 83 East bound
My Indian Scout Sixty on Rt 83 Eastbound side




But the only really big downfall is the harsh winters that this place provides you with. I mean I still have snow outside my window and the temperatures are still in the 30s. The winters here are very harsh, it is either really cold or really snowy and this year it was really cold. So what do I mean by really cold it actually dropped to -40 degrees in February and stayed below zero for several weeks. Cold very cold!, and since I am retired I would like to ride more often, like year round.

One More Year!


So one more year and we get to move to a place that actually has spring and spring begins even earlier than April. Where is this place that I speak of? Is it a magical place that exists only in my mind? No!, it is an actual place on the east coast of the continental U.S. This place is called South Carolina where the temperature today in Myrtle Beach is 61 degrees and will be in the lower to mid 70s for the rest of the week.

A place where you can find spring and ride while watching all the beautiful trees and having great restaurants to ride to. And in the summer I can ride down to the beach go swimming and fishing and ride back home, because there is nothing quite like riding your bike after a wonderful day at the beach.

South Carolina nice long stretches of road
South Carolina nice long stretches of road



Not only swimming but I can surely get back into my love of the ocean through scuba diving. Before retiring I took all the PADI required classes and interned for about a year with an instructor who was the best instructor I ever met and became certified as a Divemaster. You see I believed that we were going to Florida as my wife’s first duty station but instead we ended up here in Minot.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving


Can you dive in North Dakota sure you can if you live in Bismarck or Fargo and your diving would be in a lake. Now, there is nothing wrong with lake diving if you enjoy it than good for you. But here are some things you might want to consider before starting your plunge;

  1. You are going to need a dry suit
  2. You are going to have to commute to the location
  3. You won’t be in warm water
  4. The water clarity is several feet
  5. You will have to book a room

So what, I do all of that now!, you might be saying to yourself. Sure, but all the investment and not being able to help teach classes and diving in green murky water does not sound appealing to me.

I have dived the Bahamas and most recently Islamorada in the Florida Keys and once you have dived in 100 feet of visibility with 80 plus degree water temperature, lakes become less attractive. I really do miss diving in nice warm water and will not do any lake diving because of all the logistics involved in it.

Warm water scuba diving
Warm water scuba diving



This time next year we should be packing for South Carolina and with God’s Grace my wife will be stationed in Charleston. Here I will be able to ride all year long, go fishing, go to the beach and get me some great seafood.

I can’t wait it is going to be a most wonderful awesome place and hopefully we can make our home there.

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Performance Air Intake-Inexpensive Upgrade

Indian performance Air Intake for Scout/Scout Sixty
Indian performance Air Intake for Scout/Scout Sixty


Performance Air Intake


This Indian performance air intake for the scout is a inexpensive upgrade and will let the engine inhale more air, deliver more power which in turn will lead to quicker acceleration and better throttle response. This performance air intake is a direct replacement to the OEM stock air intake that came on your scout sixty. They are specifically made for the Scout Sixty and the Scout.

Now why is it important to get this air intake from Indian and not another company?

Well let me say that this performance air intake is made specifically for the scout sixty and they also make them for the scout. This means that when properly installed by the dealer or by you if you are mechanically inclined will suck the air directly from the outside and not from above the engine compartment where the air is hot.

I have seen some aftermarket air intakes that do not actually fit in the intake hole and in turn fail at its main purpose of delivering more air. This does not increase the air flow due to the flow of air not being properly funneled to where it needs to be.

Which then fails to deliver on increased power, faster acceleration and better throttle response. So, be careful when choosing an aftermarket air intake not all of them will do what they say they will not because of its construction but because of design mode inconsistencies.

What do I  mean by design mode inconsistencies is that if the air intake for your motorcycle resides on the side of the bike then buying a better aftermarket air intake and placing it where the stock one was, is a good idea.

If the air intake is enclosed from the factory buying an air intake that is not consistent with that design is not a good idea, and therefore will not work as well, if at all. That is why this replacement air intake works so well because it is consistent with the original design.


K&N Air Filter for 2016 Scout Sixty
K&N Air Filter for 2016 Scout Sixty


This performance air intake when combined with an K&N Air filter for the Scout/Scout Sixty would be the start of something great. The only other thing you would need is to purchase the slip-on pipes and get it flashed to work in the perfect air/fuel mixture.

The Maverick Crusher Slip-on are a great set of aftermarket pipes and I go into detail on a previous post. So for fathers day I hope on installing the Maverick Crusher pipes, air intake and flash the motor, I already have a K&N air filter for my Scout Sixty.

Crusher Maverick 2.5' Slip-On Pipes

Product Features


  • Material: Strong reinforced semi-synthetic materials
  • Convenience features: Precise fitting
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Ease of Installation: Dealer only
  • Included: Air box and filter media
  • Indian part number : 2882519
  • Fitment: 2015-2018 INDIAN SCOUT MODELS
  • Item Weight: 2 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase

Performance Air Intake Summary


Title: Indian performance Air Intake

Product Description: Great aftermarket part
Pros/Cons: Pro-durable, long-lasting, Cons-none

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $99.99 on Air Intake (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10 for overall quality


In summary I would recommend you in getting all 3 of these upgrades at the same time not only will they make your bike sound better but you will have an increase in power and performance. The bike will breath better and the sound will make the whole purchase worthwhile.

If you have enjoyed my post of performance air intake and would like to leave a comment or your own review please do so below and I will answer your comment.

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Fox Performance Shocks-For Scout/Scout Sixty

Fox performance shock by Indian
Fox performance shock by Indian

Fox Performance Shocks


These Indian Scout Street Performance Shocks that are made by Fox to optimize the bike’s high-performance ride and handling are an awesome addition to your bike.  They come loaded with ease of use features which include adjust ability so the rider can fine tune the preload and rebound characteristics for those long rides we all love to go on.

Red Scout with performance shocks
Red Scout with performance shocks


This in turn create the perfect riding environment on any paved surface which is something great to hear if you have to ride on pot infested roads. These are engineered specifically for the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty that include gas-charged, mono-tube shocks that feature an internal floating piston to keep the gas and oil separate which creates a cavitation free ride.

But, I know that some of you are thinking do I really need to spend this much money on shocks and aren’t the stock shocks good enough?

Well, Yes for some people the stock shock that came with the bike are all that they will ever need and that are adjustable to the weight that you will be carrying. They are a great pair of shocks and that work just fine on most roads and that are quite rugged and well-made.

Then there are other riders out in motorcycle land that love to upgrade their motorcycles or want a more comfortable ride on all road surfaces. Then this is these are the shocks for you, that are made for the Indian Scout Sixty and Scout by Fox performance shocks. They are a rugged well-built shock that gives the rider an outstanding ride no matter how long it is and it is adjustable to fit your ride.

Black shocks on Scout
Black shocks on Scout


Product Features

  • Material: Aluminum Body w/Steel spring
  • Convenience features: Contrast-cut billet aluminum preload adjuster & knurled aluminum rebound adjuster
  • Color: Gloss Black shock tube & Matte Black Spring
  • Finish: Indian Motorcycle script “I” logo etched onto shock near lower mount
  • Ease of Installation: Direct replacement of OE shock
  • Included: Two Street Performance Shocks, Spanner wrench & Instructions
  • Indian part number : 2881790-463
  • Fitment: 2015-2018 INDIAN SCOUT MODELS
  • Item Weight: 3 Lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase

Fox Performance Shocks Summary


Title: Indian Scout performance mono-tube shocks by fox

Product Description: Great aftermarket performance shocks

Pros/Cons: Pro-durable, long-lasting, Fox made, Cons-a bit pricey

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $899.99 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 8 out of 10 is due to the price


In Summary, I think that if you are looking for a great pair of aftermarket shocks that are a precise fit to your Indian scout/scout sixty then these are the pair to buy. Yes, that are a bit on the pricey side but you are paying for a durable well-made product that should last many years.
They are very nice and aesthetically pleasing to everyone you meet and that compliment the bike’s looks. So I recommend this product for use to all my friends who ride a scout or scout sixty in motorcycle land, it is a worthwhile investment that will make your ride much more comfortable.
If you have enjoyed reading my review on Fox performance shocks, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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Indian Motorcycle Seat-Almost New!

Indian Motorcycle Seat front view
Front view of Extended Seat

Indian Motorcycle Seat

OK, so I have upgraded to a newer seat and I have my barely used Indian Motorcycle extended reach seat that is up for sale. It only has less than a thousand miles on it and there are no rips or tares on it. Everything is in place and fully functional.

Extended seat side view
Side View of Seat


Here is a side view of the extended seat, as you can see it is in pristine condition and ready to be mounted on your scout/scout sixty. This came off of my 2016 Scout Sixty.

Seat bottom view
Bottom view of seat


And this is the bottom view of the seat, no damage and everything is in place and ready to go.

I am also selling the extended driver backrest support and pad. So, Indian Motorcycle has all 3 selling brand new for about $580 plus tax and I was selling all 3 for $449.99 but now the price has been drastically reduced to the low price of $399.99 plus shipping if you do not live locally.

Support and Seat
Extended support bracket and pad

I believe that this is an incredible value for the money and the shape of these 3 parts are like new.


Side view of support
Side view of bracket and pad


So if you want to buy these 3 beautiful accessories please be quick because they will be selling fast at this price.

Top view of support and pad
Front view of bracket and pad


Brand New: $579.99 plus tax

Was: $449.99 plus shipping

Now: $399.99 plus shipping

You can reach me through my email at and let me know how you would like to pay for it, because you can pay easily through my PayPal. If you are local I can bring it to the Minot ND area and give you the product. I hope this finds it’s way to a deserving rider because it has been very good to me and I am trying to find them a great home.
If you have enjoyed reading my for sale items on my Indian Motorcycle Seat and Pad, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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Indian Motorcycle Luggage Rack-For More Stuff!

Indian Motorcycle Luggage Rack Chrome

Indian Motorcycle Luggage Rack

When it is time to go on a long journey with a few of your riding friends and you need even more room than the saddlebags can provide maybe the luggage rack is a good choice. I know that there are those out there in motorcycle land that ride someone with them and this would not be for them. But when your significant other also rides a bike then this luggage rack would be an awesome addition.

It is an original equipment accessory that fits the Indian scout/scout sixty perfectly. There are no additional bolts or accessories that would have to buy to make this work for you. The only other thing you would need are some straps or bungee cords to keep all your stuff organized and secured.

It does not come in black only chrome but just look at it, the shine is incredible. It securely bolts on to the bike with 2 front bolts and a rear bolt; and it also comes with a beautiful Indian emblem in the center that really makes this accessory pop!

Product feature

    • Material: Made of Steel
    • Weight Capacity: 7lbs of cargo
    • Ease of Installation: Easy
    • Finish: Chrome
    • Item# 2880900-156


This strong and sturdy Solo Rack is a versatile
cargo carrier for an Indian Scout. It installs easily on the rear
fender and features Indian Motorcycle branding. Styled to integrate
with the bike’s smart, sporty design. The rack’s design makes it really easy
to securely attach cargo using either tie-down straps or a cargo net.

Solo Luggage Rack Summary

Title: Solo Luggage Rack-Chrome

Product Description: A strong and sturdy luggage rack

Pros/Cons: Pro-Easy installation, Cons-Does not come in black

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Yearfrom date of purchase

Price: $199.99 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 8 out of 10 is due to not coming in black


In Summary, I really believe this is a great buy and would make a great addition to those riders that need more room when traveling far from home. I recommend this product with a rating of 8-10 because it does not come in black and a lot of people like that color.

But other than that little quark I believe that Indian Motorcycle has done a good job once again in introducing this luggage rack to the masses. It is easy to install and maintain and sturdy enough for extra cargo on those long unforgettable trips. A good buy at Amazon for only $199.99.
If you have enjoyed reading my review on Indian Motorcycle Luggage Rack, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag-Tan Leather

Indian Motorcycle Bag

Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag

I remember when I first bought the windshield I knew that one day I would buy the windshield bag from Indian Motorcycle. I thought it was the most beautiful windshield bag out there but the problem was that I did not purchase the Indian Motorcycle windshield. This wasn’t because I didn’t think of it but because it wasn’t that great as compared to the National windshield that I bought instead.

So what to do with a specific made product that attaches to another specific product, improvise!, I received the Indian Motorcycle windshield bag as a Christmas present last year and when it was time to mount it on the windshield I had to create some alternative hang points.

What I did was remove the windshield from its frame and was able to come up with a solution to a simple problem. I really hate it when a manufacturer makes its products to only fit their accessories. Case in point the Indian windshield bag is meant to only fit the Indian windshield.
This is not only narrow-minded but you limit your products to people who will buy the complete set. This I believe is a bad idea on the companies part what they should be doing is allowing the consumer to buy attachments that will work with the windshield they have bought.
Believe it or not there are other companies in America that make better higher quality windshields than Indian and shouldn’t we as the buyer have a choice on buying what we believe to be the best for our hard-earned money? So, listen big companies you need to offer attachments for certain products and we will buy it and tell our friends about it and in turn you will get referrals from us.

Product Features

    • Full leather
    • Desert tan color
    • Magnetized snap closure
    • Water repellent
    • 4 snaps with leather extensions
    • Room for cell phones and other stuff
    • Indian imprinted logo


Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag Summary

Title: Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag

Product Description: A genuine leather desert tan bag
Pros/Cons: Pro-leather, tan, rugged Cons-no attachments for other aftermarket windshields included

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 1-Year

Price: $189.99 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 8 out of 10 is due to no other attachments included

In summary, I have attached this windshield bag to my National windshield and it fit quite nicely. I have been riding around with it since Christmas in speeds of 75 MPH and have had no problems with it coming undone. The bag is designed to have a precise fit with the Indian Motorcycle windshields but it can be fitted to other windshields and it does look great on the windshield. I believe that this was a great Christmas present and I have enjoyed using it on just about every ride. You would be surprised how often you will use this bag once you purchase it. It is available from Indian Motorcycle for $199.99 but available now through Amazon for $189.99 a great price for a great product.

So go ahead and buy it here, you won’t regret your decision and it will last the life of the bike I highly recommend it!

If you have enjoyed reading my review on the Indian Motorcycle Windshield Bag, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

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Aeromach Floorboards-For The Scout Sixty

Aeromach mounted on the Scout

Aeromack Floorboards

Here is the alternative to the Indian Motorcycle floorboards if you are on a budget and need the money, say for gas for instance. They are made from CNC billet aluminum and made in the U.S. A which makes them good quality and durable.

Aeromach with all hardware
Aeromach with all hardware



And you can see all the hardware that is included in the incredible low price of $249.99 which is $50 less than the Indian floorboards. Now am I saying that these are better than the Indian floorboards?, No, I am not, these floorboards are for those of us who want to get a quality item without breaking the bank. These are all American made and are very durable which means it should last the life of the bike.

Aeromach close-up view
Aeromach close-up view



Just look at this close-up you can see the quality of the workmanship that is put into every pair of floorboards. Every pivot point is made from strong CNC billet aluminum and it comes in matte black for that awesome look on any bike. The platform is a strong rubber to hold the boot in place and it is 9″ long and 4″ wide giving you the comfort on those long rides.

Aeromach bottom view
Aeromach bottom view

Product features


  • This is one of Aeromach best-selling product made in the USA
  • CNC machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and powder coated in a show quality Matte Black finish.
  • New 9″ x 4″ rubber pads feature a CNC
    “Cross-Cut” pattern for comfort and grip. Foot position
    drops approximately 1″
  • Replaces the stock foot pegs and can be used
    with optional Heel/Toe shift lever (CI-2030.) Stainless
    Steel mounting hardware included.
  • For use with 2015 and higher Indian Scout & Scout 60 Models.
  • Does fold up

Aeromach folding up

So here they are in the folded position for when you need them up. They are a great pair of floorboards and after careful review of the Indian motorcycle floorboards I do believe that these will be the ones that I will purchase for my scout sixty. I believe not only will they make my bike look great but it will line up well with the scout sixty lines and save me some money.

Below you will find the summary of the product but lastly did you know that this company made parts for the M1 tank and space shuttle at one point in their history. Now, knowing this I feel more assured of ordering this because if it is strong enough for a tank than it should be sufficiently strong for my Indian Scout Sixty.

A great buy for the money and you will save some money. On their website it is $255.99 and if you go with the Indian Motorcycle floorboards you will be spending at least $299.99 before taxes and shipping. So the choice is clearly yours but I will be getting me a pair of these for my Indian Scout Sixty and use the money saved for gas!

Aeromack Floorboards Summary

Title: USA which Floorboards (CI-2020)

Product Description: Scout/Scout Sixty powder coated matte black-CNC billet aluminum floorboards

Pros/Cons: Pro-matte black, Cons-Not available in chrome

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 1-Year

Price: $249.99 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10 is due to it not coming in chrome

If you have enjoyed reading my review on USA which floorboards, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

Rest Your Feet!


Motorcycle Highway Bars-For Scout Sixty

Front Highway bars

Motorcycle Highway Bars

Motorcycle highway bars are accessories that have some controversy attached to them. Studies show both sides of the coin when it comes to the safety of highway bars in accidents. Some studies show that yes, they do provide ankle and foot protection while others show that no such protection is offered. So, it really depends on what you think and what you consider would be a good investment. I can tell you that they do offer protection for the side of your motorcycle in case you drop it.
There are many types of motorcycle highway bars to chose from with many vendors that sell all types of them but I will concentrate my efforts on the Indian Motorcycle Chrome front highway bars for the scout sixty.
The front highway bars that Indian sells for the scout sixty is a beautiful piece of accessory that fits nicely on the bike. It really fits well with the motorcycle and adds protection to the side of the bike in low speed tip-overs. It is made of steel and is soon to be available in black.
Highway bar black
As you can see both of these motorcycle highway bars are awesome and made strong. The quality is top-notch and the fit will be precise because it is made by Indian motorcycle for the scout sixty or scout. Although the black is not currently available through Indian Motorcycle but it is expected to begin selling in April 2018. I prefer the chrome for my Scout Sixty because of the white color of my bike and I think it really will look good on it.

Product Features:

  • Made from Steel
  • Ease of installation is medium
  • Color is chrome
  • Does not work with extended reach
  • A set of Infinite highway pegs (Sold at Amazon for $299.99) can be added to increase drive comfort on long rides
  • A 1-year warranty from date of purchase
  • Protect side of bike and engine
  • Item# 2881756-156


Infinite highway bars in chrome
Infinite highway bars in chrome



So as a side note and upon further reading the chrome will not work with the extended reach which is what my bike has. I will not have to wait until April 2018 to buy a black one instead of a chrome one because you can purchase it today through Amazon. I kinda liked the chrome a little better but the black is kinda sharp and would run well with the white color of the bike. So, if you have a scout sixty with extended reach then you will have to go through Amazon and rest assured these are worth it so buy a pair, you will be happy that you made the purchase.

Motorcycle Highway Bars Summary

Title: Indian Motorcycle front highway bars

Product Description: Highway bars in black or Chrome

Pros/Cons: Pro-Chrome/Black and made of steel, Cons-Chrome does not fit extended reach

Product Specs: See top at features

Warranty: 1 -Year

Price: $173.99 best price on (Amazon)

My Overall Review: 8 out of 10 is due to the chrome not available for extended reach

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