Ride and be Happy-On the Road

The Open Road

The Road

These are the many intricate and elaborate paths that we all have to take to;

  • Go to work in the morning
  • Go get some food
  • Get the gas we need
  • Go from point A to B
  • Return home

For many these roads are influenced by our perceptions that we place on them due to the fact that we are commuting to work. Because we have to commute to a place of misery for some it is never acknowledged as a ride and be happy place. It is not the roads fault that some of us hate our jobs and we are searching for new employment, it is not the roads fault that there are to many cars and the commuting will take twice as long.
The road is the place that leads us to many more paths on life discoveries, it is our way of exploring the unknown and all the great places that exist along the way. Sure the daily commute is a painful process of daily driving that leads to the same place day in and day out. And of course the road gets wet and slippery and sometimes it can’t even be seen because of all the snow that’s fallen the night before. But it is the road that leads to many paths.


The Many Paths

The Many Paths

I remember when I was a kid every summer my dad would plan the family summer vacation in our 1972 Chevy impala. This was a trip that entailed getting all four of us from New Jersey to Florida and back in the course of 2 weeks minimum, because sometimes it would last 3 weeks. I remember my father getting all the required maps, a cooler with all the refreshments and pillows and blankets.
This trip would take us on the I95 South highway straight through to Florida, but we would definitely stop in all the required stops on the family trip. We would stop at South of the Border and eat lunch and take pictures and drive on to Florida where we would stop at one of the Orange farms and buy a big bag of oranges. My father always said that Florida had the best oranges and he made it a point to stop and fill up on oranges. Afterwards we would reach our final destination, Miami Beach and check in to the hotel right on the beach for 2 weeks of beach and sun.

These were my first memories of the may paths we take in life to create wonderful memories with our families. These were some great times and the roads of America is how we created them.
About the Journey

About the Journey

Ride and be happy!, sounds simple enough to ride and be happy and that’s the mindset we need to be in when we begin our rides to anywhere. Yes, sometimes you have a plan and need to go somewhere to pick something up and bring it back home but I am not talking about those times. What I am proposing is going through your bike checks and ensuring you have a full tank of gas and getting on your bike to ride and be happy.

To not have a plan in mind just a journey that will begin with starting up your bike and riding to the nearest path and ride. A simple yet effective form of therapy that will lead to many years of stress free living because it will be just you and the path you have chosen.
This journey will not consist of listening to the radio you have a cage for that, no, this ride will be all about exploration and discovery that you make on the road. It will be a magnificent journey that will surprise you on the many beautiful sights the highway has for you. But how do you know when you have arrived? You will know because you will pull over and say where am I and man is this all worth it. This journey of discovery will show you why you took up motorcycling in the first place and reaffirm your commitments in life. You will know why you ride and ride you must!


Riding the wind

Ride the wind

Yes, you shall ride the winds of the earth on the man made paths everyone calls highways. It is sad to me to think that some people will never truly feel the excitement and heart beat of the earth underneath them while letting the motorcycle take you where their heart desires. Some people will just know what it’s like to commute or take a long journey from point A to point B never really appreciating all the other aspects of the road.

The exhilaration of riding the wind and feeling the ground below you while following a twisted highway or following a long road on the side of a mountain. These are experiences that can’t be explained to the average person that has not been riding a motorcycle. It is one of the many things that creates the bond of brotherhood we as bikers pass along to each other on the road in the form of a wave. It is something that brings us together at rallies and events and long rides.
Even though you might or might not be riding alone you know that you are a part of something special that you belong to the brotherhood and only they can truly understand what it is to be a biker. It really doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride it’s never been about the bike it’s about the experience that you will encounter on the road that makes it so special.


Ride and Be Happy

So Ride and Be Happy

Stop thinking about how much another bike would make you happy, stop buying into the idea that the bike you presently own is not enough. The bike you presently own is enough and with today s motorcycle motors it is more than enough to last a long time. Be happy and ride and thank God that you live in a country where you can purchase any type of bike your heart desires.

Be, thankful that you can go out and ride alone or with your friends without the hassles of the government impeding your ride. It amazes me that so many people are always looking to upgrade to something better or something faster. You see, this is what advertisers use into luring you into buying another bike but you really don’t need the monthly payments on a new bike.

The bike that you currently have should last you a long time and bring you many years of enjoyment and journeys. Don’t let the world dictate to you what is best for you only you can do that. I mean I presently own a 2016 Indian Scout Sixty, it has no anti-lock brakes, and it’s not a Scout but I love it.

It has taken me on some wonderful journeys here in North Dakota and I get praises on her color everywhere I go. It is reliable and she has a powerful engine. Will I someday get a newer bike? Perhaps, but right now in my life this is the perfect bike for me and I love it.

So think about what you really love about riding and start your journey on the many paths. Like life riding a motorcycle offers you many paths of self discovery so find many and go exploring to find the answers. Life is good, motorcycling just makes you feel it happening now.

If you have enjoyed my post on ride and be happy I encourage you to please leave a comment below I will always reply back.

Take the long way home!



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Motorcycle Driving Lights-For the Scout/Scout Sixty

Motorcycle Driving Lights Review


Lights 5 3/4″ Day maker Generation II Projection LED Headlight with
White Halo Ring – High Beam and Low Beam Fits Harley Davidson models and
Indian Scouts (Black)


Motorcycle Lighting


So you go to a friends house for a nice get together with all your friends and you are having a good time but in the back of your mind you are thinking about how dark it is getting and the light your bike provides. Looks like another slow ride home tonight and wondering about alternatives. What are my alternatives for motorcycle driving lights, I mean there are so many choices online and I am sick of searching online only to be disappointed by the quality of the motorcycle light.

Hey, I feel the same way there are choices galore online and everyone has something to say about a specific product because they are getting paid. I mean I also will make a commission on these lights if you decide to buy them but not from the manufacturer but by the seller. Which means that the lights are being reviewed solely on their merit and quality. So I have researched some lights and have found these to be a great solution for my Indian Scout Sixty at a reasonable price.

The Eagle Lights 8900 BG2H-with full Halo ring are a great upgrade from the OEM lighting set-up. It comes with a Halo ring that stays on when the high beam comes on or can be ordered to come on with the low beam.


  • Strong lumes output
  • High quality materials
  • Large field of vision
  • Great aftermarket investment
  • Nice safety upgrade
  • Default settings halo is on


    LIGHTS QUALITY – Eagle Lights Halos come wired so the Halo stays on
    whenever the lights are on. No cutting and splicing needed. The Eagle
    Lights 8900 headlight uses high quality poly carbonate lens construction
    for extra durability and heat treated die-cast aluminum for the body.
    Powered by high output LEDs, it is the best and the brightest 5 3/4″ LED
  • PLUG N’
    PLAY – The package comes with the OEM connector that comes standard on
    many different Harley Davidson s and other bikes. Halo ring comes
    pre-wired so you have to do no splicing and no cutting. Halo is wired to
    be on during low beam.
    II DIFFERENCE – No fitment issues, halo comes prewired and, of course,
    more light! 20% improvement over the Generation I and easy install on
    your Scout or Scout Sixty.
  • LOTS
    OF POWER, LOTS OF LIGHT – At over 1770 Lumens, there is nowhere you
    can’t go. With a wide angle of projection and a color temperature of
    over 6000K, the road will be bright.

DOT approved, high lumen output, easy installation! Eagle
Lights, the original, the best and the brightest. What are you waiting

Technical Specs:

  • Description 12V DOT/ECE LED High Beam Headlight with Colored Bezel
  • Shape Circle
  • Outer Lens Material Hard coated Polycarbonate
  • Outer Lens Color Clear
  • Housing Material Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Housing Color Black
  • Mounting Type Low-Profile Panel Mount
  • Retrofits 5.75″ Seal Beam Lights
  • Minimum Operating Temperature -40 (°C) / -40 (°F)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 65 (°C) / 149 (°F)
  • Product Weight 2.17 (lbs) / 0.98 (kg)
  • Lumen Output 1350 LM (Low Beam) 1770 LM (High Beam)

So after careful review I recommend these Day maker lights for the Indian Scout Sixty affordable and selling for only $129.99 on Amazon. They are made by Eagles Lights and they have been manufacturing headlights since 2005.

A great aftermarket light for your Indian Scout Sixty or Scout, and you will finally have a great view of the road at night and enjoy those long midnight summer runs with no worries.

Remember available at Amazon for the incredible low price of only $129.99.

If you have enjoyed reading about my motorcycle driving lights for my scout sixty please leave a comment below or if you would like to leave your own review please leave it below and I will answer it.

Keep it bright at night!


Jobs for Retired People-Free Online Training

Retired People

Jobs for retired people

I am sure that if you look at all the different services on the internet you will find jobs for retired people. But Let’s go back way back to when times were a lot easier and we were a lot younger. A time when looking for a job was as easy as buying a newspaper and looking in the classified ads. Or having an acquaintance or family member telling you to just show up and ask for a particular name and he will start you off. I remember those days when there was no internet, or smart phones, and kids played stick ball outside until it was dinner time.

These were the good old days when life was less complicated. I mean when you had friends they were actual friends that you would talk to. The only thing you would follow was a map on the way to a vacation spot and it would all workout. The people today spend so much time on social media friending and following other people that they forget about there actual friends. They spend so much time working that they forget the reason they are working is to improve the lives of the family that is being neglected around them.


Working 9-5


Where to Work

But it doesn’t have to be that way at all for the retired people. We have put in our time in the trenches of modern work fair and this is our time to shine. I mean when I was about to retire from the military a lot of soldiers were telling me that I could get a great contract job for the government or start a new career punching the clock and commuting every day to the same place, again!

They told me that I could work for a retail store or restaurant and supplement my income while building more income to supplement my retirement check. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Are you in such a situation and the closest people around you are just trying to help. I mean the same people that punch a clock or work 10 hours a day just so they can pay off some of there credit cards.

Well, No thanks!, I really appreciate all of them just trying to help me further my career into the grave but this is not what I had in mind when I decided to retire from the military. I had a crazy notion of working from home on my computer, crazy, huh?



Working from Home

Working from Home?

OK, I know it sounds scary to some of you that might be reading this right now, but let me assure you that I was in the same boat November 2017 when I first started working on my computer from home. I did not know how to use most of the social media that is out there and didn’t know how to start my own website.
But then I found Wealthy Affiliates and they turned my world around for the better. When I tell you I was not computer-literate I mean it, I had no idea how to tie the social media websites to my website or get ranked on google or anything else to do to get my website making online money.

Wealthy Affiliates is a business online that teaches the people that sign up how to create a website and link all the social media to it and use keywords to increase traffic flow. They do this by offering the first 10 lessons free of there high quality training and tech support as well as community support. The first ten lessons are free and by the end of them you will have an online business with your very own exclusive niche. Afterwards if you would like to upgrade you can and you will be offered additional benefits. Below is a banner of what they offer;


Wealthy Affiliates Member Options
Don’t let those $49.00 a month scare you will have time to decide later on. I mean I was also skeptical about the whole online business venture and I was tired of giving other people my money for failed attempts at an online business. But does this thing really work?, And will it work for me?


Will it really work?

No, no it won’t!, or sorry, just another scam! or how about I am so sorry to have wasted your time.

OK, Now that we have all the negativity out in the open and out of the way it is time to get down to business.


Do you want to:

  1. Start your very own online business?
  2. Have 24/7 website support.
  3. Have a beginner training program that works.
  4. 1 on 1 coaching.
  5. Have a great keyword research tool.
  6. Start selling that thing you do.
  7. Create your very on unique niche.
  8. Make money from home.
  9. Never commute again.
  10. Finally, learn how to actually do it.


If you answered yes to one or all of the above list then Wealthy Affiliates is the place that you have been searching for. The company is reputable and the community is caring and helpful. They will not let you fail on yourself, we are all here to help each other succeed in our dreams. Isn’t it time to begin your journey and tell the naysayers to just mind there business. The time is now, 2018 is the year you make your dreams come true so don’t delay any longer it is FREE! to begin no credit card needed.

Join us now and in a year you will look back and realize that this was the time you made the right turn and paved your own way creating your own story. Click Here or on any of the picture and you will be directed to the port of entry for your journey. I wish you great fortune and hope you come aboard because this ship is about to sail.

If you have enjoyed reading my post so please feel free to leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

Come Aboard!,


Great motorcycle parts at a great price!

Free Make Money Online-For College Students

Your office space

I remember when I was going to college in the 90s and I had to work and go to school full-time. It was a hassle and a real pain because I still had to study after work. But what if I told you that there was another way to make money and it was free to start. What if I also said that this place would not only show you how to make your own website but also teach you how to actually find your niche ad actually learn how to make, promote your very own website.
This is not a quick get rich scheme and it will take some time and dedication on your part to actually make it work. But it does work and I am proof that it works, you can check out my very own website at;


November 2017 is when I discovered this website called Wealthy Affiliates and from what I read it was legit. I mean I wasn’t looking for another get rich website that was full of promises with no way of delivering anything of substance. So as I continued to read about Wealthy Affiliates I found that I could join and not have to provide my credit card number, this was a big relief because I have lost tons of money in the past and was not going down that road again.


In my life I have started at least 3 different business and have gotten at least 5 websites from the popular ones that are presently being advertised online. I am not saying that any of these other website builders are bogus because they do give you what they promise, you wanted a website and they gave you a website, done!

OK, now what! I mean what is the next step in this process? I do not have a programming degree nor should I need one, but what do you do? and this is what others and myself have always asked. This is what I call the endless rabbit hole of confusion. It begins at customer service and continues on through tech support with them using all sort of technical jargon and gibberish. This has never helped me get a little closer to achieving my dream of owning and running my own online business.
Stop!, I am confused!

The internet is full of valuable in information and a lot of garbage information that is being peddled as accurate but it isn’t. It is a web that traps you and your dreams and doesn’t release you until a large portion of your money becomes their money. It is sometimes full of lies and deceit and honest hard-working people get used and abused trying to reach their dreams until they fall flat on their face with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Yes I have been there and have lost lots of money trying to achieve my dreams. And yes I kept looking because I always believed that there had to be a better way. I mean there had to be people online that are decent, hard-working and are willing to help you achieve your dreams not waste your time.

And I found what I was looking for in Wealthy Affiliates a great company that allows you to join for FREE!, Yes, FREE.

They do not need your credit card information and they are going to give you 10 free lessons that will teach you how to;

  1. Find a niche that really moves you
  2. Show you how to start a website
  3. Place images on it
  4. Teach you how to find the right keywords and reach your audience.
  5. Tech support that you can understand
  6. A community that has thousands of members.
  7. An awesome Keyword platform called JAAXY
  8. Show you how to use social media to your advantage
  9. How to properly promote your website online
  10. And a company that actually cares if you succeed.

Is it worth it?

Did I waste my time and just wasted yours, No!

This is the best company that I have found online that teaches you everything that you need to succeed online. Is it gonna can take some hard work and commitment from you? You bet it is, but the rewards are all going to be worth it in the end. If you are sick of working for someone else and are going to College full-time and need to make extra money, this is the place.

Click HERE, they are everything they say they are and much more and everyone in the community cares for everyone else. When you decide to join you will be part of the community family and we are all here to help you succeed!

If you have enjoyed reading Free make money online-for college students please leave me a comment below and I will reply to your comment, or if you would like to leave your own comment please do so below.

Remember, only you can make a change!



Great motorcycle parts!

Motorcycle Gear For Sale- February Deals!


Motorcycle Deals for February 2018



Below are some incredible deals on the latest motorcycle gear for sale happening right now at Amazon. Just thought I would let all my followers and friends that the time has come to pick up some new gear for the upcoming riding season. Now is the time to take stock of your current inventory and resupply it with great deals.

So check out the latest deals below on great motorcycle gear for sale and get ready for a fantastic 2018 riding season!


  • Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Men’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket (Brown/Cream, Large) Sale: $287.99


  • Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket (Wine/Black/Black, Small)-On Sale: $161.99


Joe Rocket Cleo 2.2 Women's Mesh Jacket

  • Joe Rocket U.S. Army Alpha Men’s Motorcycle Riding Jacket (Black/Gray Camo, Large) Sale: $203.99


Joe Rocket U.S Army Mesh Jacket

  • Firstgear Contour Mesh Women’s Textile Motorcycle Jacket (White, Medium)-Sale: $169.95


Women's White Mesh Jacket

  • Milwaukee Men’s Vented Updated Motorcycle Jacket (Black/Beige, Medium)-Authentic Leather: $249.99


Milwaukee Men's Leather Jacket

  • Milwaukee Women’s Leather Vest (Black/Purple, 5X-Large)-Sale: $115.51


Milwaukee women's vest

Oxford Men's Montreal textile Jacket
So here are the great February deals, get them while there HOT!


Now is the time to get ready for the upcoming 2018 riding season. So, click on the price links now to buy your gear!


Time to get what you need for the many miles ahead that need to be traveled, these are some really good deals going on right now, so hurry and get the prices you deserve while they last.

If you have enjoyed the February deals please leave a comment below and I will respond to all of them.


Buy Now, The Deals are Hot!


Performance Mufflers-For My Scout Sixty

Crusher Maverick Slip-On Muffler for Indian Scout Sixty

Indian Scout with Crusher Maverick Exhaust
Beautiful Red Indian Scout with the Crusher Maverick Slip-on Exhaust.


Title: Crusher Maverick Slip-On Muffler

Product Description: A high performance motorcycle exhaust slip-on

Pros/Cons: Pros-5% increase in horsepower, Cons-Not as expensive while on sale

Product Specs: See below at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $431.99 BEST SALE PRICE on (Amazon.com)

My Overall Review: 10 out of 10 for overall quality and workmanship


  • Exhaust is premium chrome-plated steel
  • 5% horsepower gain without intake, header or fuel mapping modifications
  • 2.5″ muffler diameter
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Approximately 14 lbs. lighter than your stock mufflers
  • These are sold in pairs
  • Made in the USA
Side View of Crusher Maverick Exhaust
Side view of the Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons.


You will shed 14 pounds on the bikes weight when you switch to these and gain a 5% increase in horsepower without messing with the intake or headers.

The slim design which makes the 2.5″ muffler diameter stays in line with the Scout’s smooth lines and it matches the stock headers to preserve the overall lean profile of the Indian Scout.

It also has nicely styled billet aluminum tips with high-temp black ceramic coating and brushed stainless steel banding with the Crusher emblem. The high-flow baffles produce a unique throaty exhaust note when you get on the throttle.

This is a high-performance exhaust that will bring out the beast in your scout sixty. It has a deep sound that seems to fit naturally with the Indian scout sixty. It flows naturally from mid bike to the end tips and it comes with a beautiful emblem on the side.

So basically, this is a very cool looking exhaust that will look like the old one you are removing. It will drop the weight of the bike by 14 pounds which is great for long trips and better gas mileage. And give you a 5% gain in horsepower which may not seem like a lot until you open up the throttle and she goes. But, the best part of it is no need to remap the fuel or mess with the headers or intake simple to put on and go riding.

Out of all the exhaust systems that are currently being sold for my 2016 scout sixty I have chosen to give my recommendations to the Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons mufflers because of their quality and workmanship and did I mention they are made in the U.S.A. These are a great pair of slip-on for the Indian Motorcycle and you can purchase them by clicking Here.




If you have enjoyed reading my review on Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below and I will always leave a reply.

Let them know it’s a motorcycle!




Bilt Helmet Review-My Daughters Helmet

Bilt Helmet Review

Shortly thereafter I began riding my daughter got interested really fast in riding with daddy. So, I began looking around for the best deals on kids helmets that were also DOT/ECE certified for her, considering she was 11 years old I wanted something decent yet safe.

What a beautiful helmet



I knew that I needed protective motorcycle helmet for her and after an exhaustive search online I found that Cycle Gear had a helmet similar to mine but in pink. I could order it online but since I was so close to the store I decided to take her with me and buy her a helmet.


We arrived at the store and the salesman began his sales pitches on his best helmets that were why too high in price point, I mean he began with $300-$400 range and I told him that I had done my own research and had found a particular helmet that would fit my daughters riding needs. He searched for it and she tried on some sizes and we found what we had been looking for at the time the helmet was priced at $139.99 but with some discounts I bought it for $119.99. But it’s available now for only $49.97 Click Here!

The Bilt blazer race helmet is a track-inspired designed and beautiful graphics that compliment this feature-packed helmet. It will make you look like a pro without spending a lot of money.

Bilt helmet with open visor


  • Hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate shell
  • High quality paint shell with ultra-fine decal graphics and double lacquer finish
  • Full-face solid shell
  • Double D-ring safety fastening
  • Quick release clear visor fitted as standard
  • Surface mounted airflow ventilation system
  • Chin and forehead vents
  • Metal mesh exhaust vents
  • Removable air-flow comfort padded lining
  • Meets or exceeds DOT and ECE 2205
  • 1-Year Guarantee
Just check out those graphics!
Top of helmet graphics

This decently priced helmet has really nice graphics that run from the front to the back of the helmet giving it an attractive look. It has a really durable clear visor that my daughter likes because she can wear her sunglasses. It has a chin and top of head ventilation ports that provide sufficient air flow while riding as a passenger. Comes with a nice comfort padded lining that can be easily taken out and washed. And it meets and exceeds DOT and ECE2205 safety certifications.

Bilt Helmet Review Summary

Title: Bilt Blazer Race Helmet

Product Description: A race inspired motorcycle helmet

Pros/Cons: Pro-Protection for the head, Cons-sometimes a little noisy, but that’s why you wear ear protection

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $49.97 best price on (Cycle Gear)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10 is due to the road noise at high speeds

In Summary, I my daughter really has enjoyed wearing this helmet, this is her go to helmet I believe it was a great purchase. The protection is superb and the certifications and comfort are all positives. The Velcro on the inside of the helmet is still strong after some washes. This helmet is a great value at the current price, if you are starting out or need an additional helmet and don’t want to break the bank this is your helmet. It has worked out just fine for my daughter and it can also work for you or yours.  So, buy your helmet here!


They also make this helmet for men, check out my helmet review, Click Here.


If you have enjoyed reading my review on Bilt Helmet Review, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below and I will always leave a reply.


Keeping Your Loved One’s Safe!


Garage Parking Mats-For My Indian Motorcycle

Some Information on Motorcycle Mats


So you are seriously considering buying a motorcycle mat for your bike, but is it worth it. I mean you are talking about buying a mat that is beautiful and then put this mat on the garage floor and park your motorcycle on it. It sounds like a lot of wasted money thrown into the wind or a great investment in keeping your bike tires off the cold floor of the garage for one thing.

The open road



I know that it may not seem like a big deal to get, I mean I also was with the idea of not purchasing it for my bike but then I thought how much I really need this.


  1. To lay down on the side of the bike and work on it while being off the floor
  2. To add air to the tires comfortably and check the wear of each tire
  3. To go through my checks before going riding
  4. To do some detailing after a good wash
  5. And to have the bike sit on a mat off the cold garage floor

These are all great reasons and it’s why I decided to buy the garage parking mat for my motorcycle. I really do use it now and wonder how I ever got along without it. I mean, I really do use it and the motorcycle looks beautiful sitting on it. Don’t think of it as a purchase but more of an investment that will help you and your bike out when it becomes riding season again. You will use it and catch yourself and say what a great looking mat, I am glad I invested in this.

These mats I believe became a reality because most people like myself were using card board box pieces to do the job of the mat. We as motorcycle riders love to take care of our stuff to include our motorcycles, since there wasn’t rugs or we didn’t like what was out there to buy, we did what we had to, to protect our investments and with all the different garage parking mats made by all the many manufacturers there really is no reason to get one.

So many motorcycles and so many mats.

What’s out there now

There are so many types of garage motorcycle mats online right now that I could probably write a book on it. But seriously, there are mats made with favorite teams emblems, famous saying’s, car makes/model emblems, the list goes on and motorcycle manufacturers make them with all different materials and/or designs;

  • Mats with your favorite team
  • Mats that have a ribbed design made of all rubber
  • Ones that have ribbed design with a rug
  • Ones that have a ribbed design with no rug
  • Made of rubber with a rug attached to the top with a design
  • Flat gray and black
  • Coin grid lock floor tiles to cover entire garage
  • One’s made specifically for cruisers or sports bikes
  • All different colors
  • interlocking tile flooring multi-color
  • Mats custom-made for specific motorcycle
  • Manufacturer specific rugs
  • All different prices

As you can see there are different motorcycle rugs and they are all at a different price point. Now, to add to the confusion, no one online is helping anyone else in finding the best one for you. Well, except me I have nothing to lose in telling you what I recommend is a great product because I have bought it myself. I will be giving you my recommendation at the bottom of this post.

Isn’t she worth the protection

Aren’t all mats the same?

Now, you might be thinking well aren’t all mats the same? Well no there are all different garage parking mats online and you really have to ask yourself what is the best one for me. There are all rubber bike mats that sole purpose is to keep the motorcycle off the cold garage floor, then there are mats that are made of rubber and have a rug attached to the top, either plain or with an emblem.

Then there are those mats that are flat black and its sole purpose is to protect the garage floor from any leaks your bike might have. This is important because you do have to figure on the condition of your motorcycle and whether it will leak in the future. If your motorcycle needs a lot of special attention then this might be the type of garage floor mat for you.

I believe that whatever it is that you decide to buy, you should consider the following;

  • Quality of the product
  • The durability of the rug
  • The appeal and looks, is it pleasing to your eyes
  • The price point, which should be anywhere from $150 to $250 for a decent one

Shop around because not all motorcycle garage mats are the same or made the same, please do the research and find one that fits your budget and is rugged enough for your motorcycle. Indian and Harley make some great motorcycle rugs for the money.

Great looking mat for your Harley.
My Indian bike logo mat

Why not choose a cheaper mat

Sometimes, in the life of a motorcycle rider we purchase some items that are just as good if not better then some name brands. I have and still buy anything I need on the basis of durability, quality and price point not name brand. Name brands are sometimes better but not always and this is called effective marketing and makes other people richer not me.
I always look at different products of what I want to buy before actually buying the one I want. So, when it comes to my motorcycle I also do the same things and the purchase of my Indian motorcycle mat was no different. I did my research and narrowed it down to 2 and choose to get the Indian garage mat because it met all 3 of my pre qualifiers. It was durable, it was made of high quality material and it had great price point, not to mention awesome eye appeal, all points covered.

Here is my baby, parked in her spot awaiting riding weather

Why choose a custom mat

Why I decided to go with the Indian Motorcycle mat was because it custom-built for Indian motorcycle owners. I happen to own a 2016 Scout Sixty White and she looks breath taking sitting on that mat. It really does bring out the bike more and protects the tires from the cold garage concrete of these North Dakota winters.

I chose the Logo Bike Mat because it will give me a place to put down my tools when I need to work on her, or when I need to finish off some detailing work after a nice wash. The garage parking mat lets the family know that that is where dad parks his bike and that space is occupied for his bike, so leave it alone.

Harley the other Great American Motorcycle Company!

My final thoughts and recommendations


My final thoughts on this matter is that you should go with a custom garage motorcycle mat. They can be plain or with anything else you like to be said on it but definitely purchase one for you beloved motorcycle because it deserves the best. I recommend click here for your  Indian Motorcycle or click here for your Harley Motorcycle. I have found one for your Harley or one for your Indian and they both look pretty cool to tell you the truth and a great price point for either.

Buy these motorcycle rugs now by using the links below;

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Motocross MX American Eagle Custom Garage Mat



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Motorcycle Gear For Sale-Motorcyclehouse Closeout Sales

 Closeouts -January 2018


Below are some incredible deals that are happening right now at Motorcyclehouse.com. Just thought I would let all my followers and friends now that the time has come to pick up some new year deals.


Great motorcycle gear for sale, now is the time, spring is almost here!


  • Speed and Strength SS2210 Spin Doctor Helmet $179 Now $149.99
Speed and Strength SS2210-$149.99


  • Vega Stealth Vertice Hi-Vis Yellow Mod Helmet $179.99 Now $99.99
High Visibility for only $99.99
  • Cortech women’s LRX Air 2 mesh jacket $179.99 Now $134.99
Great Jacket for her at $134.99
Classic Chaps at $93.99
  • Alpinestars resist tech denim pants $239.95 Now $166.90
Denim Jeans for $$166.90
Fast throw on for safety
Great little bag for important stuff $74.99
  • Joe Rocket recon mesh military specs jacket $199.99 Now $155.39
Great fitting Jacket $155.39
Great Helmet for under 100 bucks $94.99
Great looking Half Helmet

These are the Bargain Basement deals that I found this week I will continue to look and bring all my friends and followers the best deals out their. All of these deals can be had immediately at Motorcyclehouse.com


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New Year, New Deals,












Modular Motorcycle Helmet-My Indian Helmet

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

OK, so last week was my birthday and it was great, I received the Indian Motorcycle rug for the motorcycle and the Indian modular helmet. I will be reviewing the Indian modular helmet that was a gift to me that was bought at the Indian dealer in Bismark North Dakota.

A beautiful helmet



The modular helmet is very good-looking and aesthetically pleasing, it has nice colors and some nice Indian motorcycle emblems on the side. The interior of the helmet is light gray and black and very comfortable to wear. It has an overhead venting port that you can adjust and adjustable chin vent for excellent venting at highway speeds. The clear visor also comes pinlock ready with the extra screens and it comes with sun visor inside the helmet that can be easily deployed from the left side.;

Product Specs:

    • Integrated sun visor
    • High quality thermoplastic
    • Outer shell: 70% Polycarbonate/ 30% ABS
    • Inner shell: EPS
    • Matte Finish
    • Removable EPS inner shell
    • Washable cheek pads
    • Anti-fog Pinlock 30
    • Top & rear vents
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • DOT/ECE Certified
    • 1 Year manufactures warranty
Back of the helmet
Side view opened visor


This helmet is not made in the US unfortunately but that is not always a bad thing. It is made by the following Chinese company and this is somethings about them also they have been in business for over 25 years creating high quality products.

Foshan Nanhai Xinyuan Helmets Co., Ltd.


  • Was established in 1988
    • Professional manufacturer specialized in
      designing, producing and exporting all kinds of Motorcycle Helmets and
      Bicycle Helmets.
    • Annual
      output of more than 1,000,000 units.
    • ECE and DOT inspection facilities which are imported from Italy
    • “Be safe, be excellent” is our continual goal. It is our great pleasure to be your powerful supplier and your valuable inquiries are
      Opened helmet front view

      Side view opened helmet


My Indian Motorcycle Modular Route Helmet Summary

Title: Indian Modular Route Helmet

Product Description: A high quality thermoplastic modular helmet

Pros/Cons: Pro-Protection ECE/DOT certified, Cons-some road noise

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $219.99 best price on (Amazon.com)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10

In Summary, I really do love this helmet, I believe it was a great gift. The protection is superb all around the head and the lining is just the icing on the cake. The secure clip to hold the helmet in place is fantastic, it securely clips on under the chin and it is very easy to open the helmet up. This is an awesome feature when you stop and have to talk to another fellow rider without having to take the helmet off. The sun visor is also a great attention to detail and can easily be deployed as needed, which eliminates switching glasses or visors. My only pet peeve so far is that it is still breaking in and I know this will soon not be a problem. I recommend this helmet for a beginner or advanced rider who would like the ultimate protection for their head.

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Ride with a helmet!