Winter Motorcycle Riding

  Today, I was finally able to do some winter motorcycle riding where I live. The weather cold and below 0 degrees and now it has finally went back to normal here in Minot North Dakota. So I began my motorcycle winter riding gear ritual; Put on my old Army camouflage pants and leather chaps. … Continue reading "Winter Motorcycle Riding"

How To Stay Fit As You Age

The human body is beautiful and its designed to move and work for a lifetime. The body will allow you to move through space and accomplish everything needed to live a normal daily life. But as you age you move less and less, this has a direct correlation to the amount of exercise you accomplish … Continue reading "How To Stay Fit As You Age"

Buy your Motorcycle

I learned how to ride my motorcycle at the Harley Davidson Riding Academy in Oct 2016 and decided to take a brand new road king for a test drive. I did the research and loved the design and figured what a better time to test drive it than on my birthday. So I went down … Continue reading "Buy your Motorcycle"