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So in about a week or so I will be 53 years old, I am finally down to 237 lbs with 20% Body Fat which puts me in the ideal range for my weight. Is it my correct BMI, lets see;

According to my BMI I am 33.1 which is my Body Mass Index or BMI for Short. And according to the tables I am Obese, yes Obese and they believe this to be true. Are they right?, well the BMI is a measure of size based on the mass and height that applies to men and women.

So they only take into considerations your height and weight which is fine for getting a trend for the whole of society but not for anyone single individuals. They do not take into account your muscle or your body type.

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Body Types

  1. Ectomorph: These are people who are lean and long with problems gaining muscle.
  2. Endomorph: People in this category are big, they have a high body fat percentage, pear shaped and can store fat.
  3. Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built, with high metabolism and responsive muscular cells, they have no problem putting on muscle.

So these are the 3 body types that people fall into all around the world, but people do not  just fall into 1 category, usually they will fall into a combination of all 3. Because we are all different and unique we fall into all 3 by percentages.I am 63% Endomorph, 38% Mesomorph and 0% Ectomorph. A combination of all 3, and depending on how much muscle weight I put on I switch between Endomorph and Mesomorph but will never be Ectomorph.

And here lies the problem with my Army career and my weight. I am a 52-year-old male who is 71″ tall and weigh 237 lbs and 20% Body Fat. According to the Army scales I am fat, Yes, for someone like me I would fall under their over 40 group and I need to weigh MAX-197. This is not bad until I show you how and what you need to get to your ideal body weight. Just follow the chart below
and fill in the blanks

So what is your ideal weight.



Ideal Body Weight

A. Weight:_______

B. % Body Fat _______

C. % Body Fat (Lbs.)-(AxB)/100:_______

D. Lean Body Mass (Lbs)=A-C:_______

E. Body Fat % Goal:_______

F. Lean Body Mass % Goal=100-E:_______

G. Weight Goal = (D/F) x 100:_______

H. Weight Loss Goal of Fat = A-G:_______

So this is what it looks like and here is an example of mine, I hope this will helps.

A. Weight:_237______

B. % Body Fat___20%____

C. % Body Fat (Lbs.)-(AxB)/100:____47.4 lbs___

D. Lean Body Mass (Lbs)=A-C:___189.6 lbs____

E. Body Fat % Goal:____18%___

F. Lean Body Mass % Goal=100-E:___82____

G. Weight Goal = (D/F) x 100:____231.2 lbs___

H. Weight Loss Goal of Fat = A-G:__6 lbs____


As you can see in order for me to be at 18% Body fat my weight needs to be at 231 lbs, so I need to lose 6 pounds and I can do this through exercise and nutrition. And remember nutrition is the key to losing the weight. Once you commit, then do it!, you will lose the fat and feel better, I assure you.

U.S Army Logo


This is what the Army Standards are for me

A. Weight:__237_____

B. % Body Fat___20%____

C. % Body Fat Lbs.=(AxB)/100:___47.4____

D. Lean Body Mass (Lbs)=A-C:__189.6_____

E. Body Fat % Goal:___4%____

F. Lean Body Mass % Goal=100-E:__96_____

G. Weight Goal = (D/F) x 100:___197.5____

H. Weight Loss Goal of Fat = A-G:___40lbs___

So this is how ridiculous this is and I am sure that doctors spoke to some of you telling you how obese you are, and that you need to lose weight. Do not lose hope in the example above I  need to lose 40 lbs to be at my max of 197 but is not attainable long-term I know that as for me I spent 20+ years in the military and I only made that weight 1 time, immediately following Basic Training when I was in my 20s. It is sad that the standards do not reflect the complete picture of the person. In above example, the Army told me that I could only be at a max weight of 197 lbs for the over 40 age group and be under 26% body fat. Yes, I could be at 197.5 pounds but my percentage would be 4%,not realistic for my goal weight.


Body Fat Standards for Men and Women
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According to the ACSM which is the holy grail of fitness, I fall almost at almost above average. Not to bad if I say so myself. Now why is this so important, because it is body fat that we all want to lose. It is the true indicator of where you are at and where you need to be. People weigh themselves and look at that number on the scale and say they are fat. This however is not the truth, that number on the scale represents a complete picture of your weight to include the following;

  1. The bones all of them that give you your foundation.
  2. All your muscles
  3. The organs
  4. The skin
  5. Your blood
  6. And your fat

That number on the scale is a combination so stop looking at the scale and stop judging yourself. If?, you want to break free from the vicious cycle of weight gain there are plenty of ways online that will help you achieve this. For me this is what works and you can take it from me and create your own blue print for success. Here is what I did to lose weight;

Feel younger and stronger no matter what the age!


Over 50 and still exercising.It is all possible if you believe you can.

Be sure to clear it with a Doctor if you have any health issues

  1. Weigh yourself, and if you like take a picture of yourself, weighing should be done in workout clothes or naked.
  2. Get yourself the AccuFitness 3000 Calipers” personal body fat tester and test yourself.
  3. Start working out 3-5x a week, do 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes weight training when you workout.
  4. Nutrition, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, protein and cut down on your carbs. There are lots of apps, I use, MyFitnessPal  and it is wonderful, it tracks weight, exercises, and food.
  5. Intermittent fasting-I do 8 hours of eating and 16 of not eating and have lost about 15 pounds. But this one is optional but it works.
  6. I use the Soloflex muscle machine and the nordictrack incline trainer both can be bought at Ebay just follow the links.
These are the Personal Body Fat Testers I use.

So what is the take away from all of this?

Well it is 2018 and by this time next year you could be at your ideal weight enjoying everything you wanted to do or be at the same place as you are right now.

You are in charge of you! No one else will do it for you, Your mind moves your body. You control your body and you control what you eat.

Losing weight is not magical, it something you get when you implement a plan of action and it is simple.

The time is now my friend to lose the weight! Get your life back it is yours and you deserve great happiness and you will feel like a new person.

If you enjoyed reading Fit over 50-Ideal Body Weight leave a comment below or leave your own review and  I will answer you as soon as possible.

The Time is Now!


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4 Thoughts to “Fit Over 50-Ideal Body Weight

  1. I have been trying to get into my ideal weight and trust me, my body type is a difficult one, I easily put on weight and anything I eat goes right on my belly.
    It is really frustrating to have such a body type where people can see if you missed the exercise one day. I would refer this page to my perfect body weight and see if this really helps me reach my bodyweight goal this year.

    1. Shrey, Everyone has the same struggle with their body and it is difficult. But eating right and exercising is a mindset that lasts a lifetime. The body will burn the fat and you will go down in weight, there is nothing magical about it. And exercise has nothing to do with weight loss it is all about nutrition, exercise has to do with being and staying in shape. I know that you will reach your body weight it is a matter of time.

      Thanks for the comment,


  2. I found this piece very interesting and i went ahead to pin though i am no where near your age, i do have a body mass of about 34 and also told i am obese. Due to my hectic lifestyle always find it difficult to visit the gym. But i think i will give your suggestions a try and see how it goes. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment, take the obese advise with a grain of salt. I am also considered obese according to their outdated tables that are based on the 1950’s insurance policy procedures. Do not look at body mass it is worthless for the average person instead all your focus should be on losing body fat, and nutrition is everything and this is why I fast because it is the time when the body burns fat.



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