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I remember when I went to college in the 90s and I had to work and go to school full-time. It was a hassle and a real pain because I still had to study after work. But what if I told you that there was another way to make money and it was free to start. What if I also said that this place would not only show you how to make your own website but also teach you how to actually find your niche ad actually learn how to make, promote your own website. This is not a quick get rich scheme and it will take some time and dedication on your part to actually make it work. But it does work and I am proof that it works, you can check out my own website at;

November 2017the date I discovered this website called Wealthy Affiliate and from what I read it was legit. I mean not looking for another get rich website that was full of promises with no way of delivering any substance. So as I continued to read about Wealthy Affiliate I found that I could join and not have to provide my credit card number, this was a big relief because I have lost tons of money in the past.
In my life I began at least 3 different business and gotten at least 5 websites from the popular ones advertised online. Not to say that any of these other website builders are bogus because they do give you what they promise, you want a website and they gave you a website, done!

Now what! I mean what is the next step in this process? my degree is not in programming nor do I need one, but what do you do? and this is what others always ask. This is what I call the endless rabbit hole of confusion. It begins at customer service and continues on through tech support with them using technical jargon and gibberish. This never helped me get any closer to achieving my dream of owning and running my own online business.
Stop!, I am confused!
The internet is full of valuable information and garbage information peddled as accurate but it is not. It is a web that traps you and your dreams and releases you when a large portion of your money becomes their money. It is sometimes full of lies and deceit and honest hard-working people get used and abused trying to reach their dreams until they fall flat on their face with nothing to show for it.

Yes, I been there and have lost lots of money trying to achieve my dreams. And yes I kept looking because I always believed that there had to be a better way. I mean there had to be people online that are decent, hard-working and willing to help you achieve your dreams not waste your time.

And then I found Wealthy Affiliate a great company that allows you to join for FREE!, Yes, FREE.

They do not need your credit card information and they give you 10 free lessons that will teach you how to;

  1. Find a niche that moves you
  2. Show you how to start a website
  3. Place images on it
  4. Teach you how to find the right keywords and reach your audience.
  5. Tech support that you can understand
  6. A community that has thousands of members.
  7. An awesome Keyword platform called JAAXY
  8. Show you how to use social media to your advantage
  9. How to promote your website online
  10. And a company that actually cares if you succeed.

Is it worth it?

Did I waste my time and just wasted yours, No!

This is the best company that I have found online that teaches you everything that you need to succeed online. Is it gonna can take some hard work and commitment from you? You bet it is, but the rewards will be worth it in the end. If you are sick of working for someone else and go to College full-time and need to make extra money, this is the place.

Click HERE,  everyone in the community cares for everyone else. When you decide to join you will be part of the community family and we are all here to help you succeed!

If you enjoyed reading free make money online-for college students please leave me a comment below and I will reply to your comment, or if you would like to leave your own comment please do so below.

Remember, only you can make a change!



Start your own adventure at Wealthy Affiliate.

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4 Thoughts to “Free Make Money Online-For College Students

  1. You have done a great job! You’ve well described your journey way back and the idea of how well one can use the platform of wealthy affiliates. Indeed, picking the right niche and creating a website to build a strong online presence is very important. Keep writing and sharing more with us!

    1. Thank you for the read I just am too excited about Wealthy Affiliates and trying to share this success with as many people as I possibly can. It is an awesome company that can teach the average person how to start and run a successful business online. It is a great place to learn everything you will ever need about affiliate marketing and helping people find what they want to buy.



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