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My Saddlebags

My Indian scout leather saddlebags are the same ones I use for my scout sixty and they are a beautiful work of art. It all began when I went to Cosmos Indian dealer in Pennsylvania to purchase my 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. I remember the sales man and I went back and forth on my trade in value and what they wanted to give me for it. I mean it was my first bike ever and I had some emotional attachment to it. The Royal Enfield Continental GT 535i was a great naked bike with some awesome after market accessories.

We agreed on the price of the trade in and I purchased the Indian Scout Sixty. They gave me the $1500 to accessorize and I added the extended reach foot controls, the passenger pillion and backrest as well as the beige seat, but not the saddlebags. I loved the look and feel of the saddlebags but they were expensive. Then when I was home later that night I researched other bags for my Scout Sixty and  found some good ones and some not so good. I thought some more about the Indian saddlebags and decided to call Cosmos Indian Motorcycle dealer and have them install the beige saddlebags and add it to my payments. So I bought the saddlebags and those bags look great, but not just that, they are also functional.

Side View of My Indian Motorcycle Leather Saddlebags
Side View of my Saddlebags

Saddlebag Features

  • Genuine leather saddlebags
  • Convenient and versatile cargo space
  • Spacious roto-molded polymer tub (wrapped in vinyl to hold saddlebag shape)
  • Provides easy access to entire interior space
  • The premium leather and straps are water-resistant
  • Each bag can hold most 15″ laptops
  • Easy installation and removal
  •  Mounting spools needed (#2881666) to install them

I  recommend these bags because they are large enough to store just enough to get to where you need to go, but small enough to be functional. They also complement the white Indian that I have and it gives the bike some class. I have had the bags for a while now and I have had no problems with them, the clips still strong and the leather still looks good even though I have rode in the rain.

This is the back view of the saddlebags







Overall Specs

  1. Storage Capacity: 4.6 Gal./left hand- 4.82 Gal./Right-hand
  2. Color Desert Tan
  3. Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase
  4. Recommended: Yes (9-10) for style, color, durability and great looks)
  5. Price: $999 from Indian Motorcycle
  6. Buy them here for $999.99
Side front view of Saddlebags


Interior view of saddlebag, Spacious!









It was a good buy at the time and I do not regret my decision in buying them. Although?, I did pay the full price at the time, I blame the excitement of buying my first Indian Motorcycle on that. Buy them, you will not regret your decision and your bike will thank for it.

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Thank you.

Ride in Style!


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Indian Scout Leather Saddle Bags 
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4 Thoughts to “Indian Scout Leather Saddlebags-My Bike Bags

  1. There is something about having a good saddlebag on a bike and the Indian Scout certainly look the business . Being made of real leather i bet that it is very durable and can stand a lot of wear and tear. I have a neighbour who is a biker and i;m sure that he would be interested in this equipment, i will pass this information on to him.

  2. Hi Jesus!

    These saddlebags look awesome! And as you said they have the perfect shape, not to big to carry, but big enough to fit a lot of stuff!

    I got a friend who’s thinking on buying an Indian and I’ll pass this on to him!

    Thanks for the thorough review! 😉

    Ride on!

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment I highly recommend them, I hope your friend buys them and enjoys them as much as I have on my motorcycle.


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