Keywords for Website Optimization

Looking for a way to use keywords for website optimization? Overwhelmed at all the choices that you have online but do not know where to turn to? I know how you feel, their are so many choices that exist online some services to help you will come with a premium price tag. While other services offered free and then you will have to buy into their flagship product. I ran my online business for a year now and I have not only researched but tried a few different keyword tools to help my business and some worked while others failed.

I know that you are skeptical and been burnt in a few cases and have lost money. Believe me, I understand there are many online companies that will want your money and do not care if you ever make any money. I got rid of 2 services that I thought would help me but did not. This was not only costly but it made me understand that this online money making business is all about the money. Some companies sole purpose is to sell you the dream of succeeding without any hard work.

Let me tell you that starting and running an online business and making a profit requires hard work and patience. You will have to get established as a business and your customers will have to trust you to buy something from you. Patience is the key and never give up, it takes time to build an online business that is successful and the profits will not be made overnight. Success in an online business has done so through years of perseverance. They tweak their websites, care about their customers, and provide a reliable product through honest hard work.

Keywords for Website Optimization

Keywords are the key to getting traffic and getting your website ranked in the top 3 search engines. I use Jaaxy an advanced keyword search tool that does work and does it well. Before I even begin to write any content, I usually come up with an idea. Whether it be motorcycle apparel or motorcycle gear reviews. I usually have to research my keywords so I know how they will perform. The following are the steps that I take in creating my post and how I get some great keywords using Jaxxy.

1. Begin with the keywords that might be good for a title, on this post I narrowed it down to the following keywords;

  • Keywords for website optimization
  • Keywords for websites
  • Keywords for website traffic

2. I took these 3 keyword titles and plugged them into my Jaaxy dashboard search box and see what came up.

Jaaxy search results
My search results for first phrase.


As for the title, Keyword for website optimization, the average traffic is less than 10 but the SEO is 90 which is great. But when you add an s to keywords for website optimization the average traffic that this keyword phrase receives per month is 389, the QSR or competing websites is 70 and the SEO is 95, which means that you will rank page 1 on search engines. This is just an example and once you start using Jaaxy you will realize that this is a great tool to use every time you want to create new content.

The second phrase that I researched was Keywords for websites and here are my findings;


Keywords for websites
My search results for second phrase.


The average searches per month are 692 and the traffic is 118 which is not bad, but the SEO is 82 in a scale of 100. Higher the SEO the better chances I will rank in page 1 of Google, Bing or Yahoo. So, the second phrase was not as good as the first but not bad either. With Jaaxy you control what keywords to use and have real world information to guide you in making the right decisions. It allows you to get information on any keywords and gives you valuable Intel and what you need to succeed in the online world.

The last phrase that I researched for the possible title of this post was keywords for website traffic;


Keywords for website traffic
My search results for third phrase.


The average monthly traffic is only 10, the QSR is 22 but the SEO is 90 which is great. Can you imagine trying to figure out on your own what works and what does not work? This tool is a real blessing, to have found such a great tool that not only makes my life easier, but gives me the edge over my competitors. The Jaaxy keyword search tool is my greatest finds and getting ranked on the first page in Google for many of my posts is just one, of many reasons to use Jaaxy.

So, if you hate paying too much for other keyword search tools that do not deliver on their promises to you it is time to give Jaaxy a try. It is free to start and you can use it and find keywords that will help you immediately and this is how I started. But, if you want full access to all the features and benefits than you might want to upgrade to PRO. At the Pro level everything that you need out of a keyword search tool will be at your disposal. Is it expensive?, would you believe that you can get all of it for $19.00 a month.

The Worlds Best Keyword Search Tool
The Worlds Best Keyword Search Tool


In conclusion, I not only use Jaaxy when finding my prime keywords that I know work but I also use it to do the following;

  • Find my Site Rank
  • Find my Post Rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • Find Keywords using Alphabet Soup
  • Save list into catagorize
  • Use of Search History
  • Use Search Analysis to find search position and standing
  • Use Brainstorm to enter in new ideas
  • And the Affiliate program that earns me commission for referring friends

Jaaxy is the worlds greatest search engine tool and I use it daily to maintain my edge in the high competitive world of online selling. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to get an edge in their niche and would like to get ranked faster in the top 3 search engines. It is well worth the $19.00 a month that it costs and it will definitely pay dividends to you in the future. I would not recommend this product if it did not work and I endorse it to all online entrepenuers who would like to start the new year on the right track.

If you enjoyed reading Keywords for Website Optimization please feel free to leave a comment below or your own review and I will respond to you.

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6 Thoughts to “Keywords for Website Optimization

  1. I really don’t have any questions.  I just wanted to let you know that I love using Jaaxy. It sure helps to find those great keywords.  I looked over your website and it was very interesting. I don’t know alot about motorcycles, but you had some interesting articles.  We watched the movie with Anthony Hopkins riding the Indian out in the desert. I found it fascinating! 

    1. Thank you guys, Jaaxy is the best search tool engine out there and an invaluable tool for those wanting to achieve financial independants. Also thanks for reading some of my posts I really love motorcycles.


  2. Very good article on using Jaaxy to generate keywords for website optimization.  It’s good to know that you tried out several other keyword tools before settling on Jaaxy.

    Your experience of having tried various internet tools of which some did not work is valuable for the insights you can now provide to others.  I also like it that you stressed hard work and patience is needed to run an effective online business.

    Good explanation on using keywords in the title as well as the body of an article.  Thanks for pointing out the importance of a high SEO score in keyword selection. How Jaaxy breaks down the statistics in terms of traffic, competition and SEO is so valuable and greatly increases the probability of ranking on page 1.  

    Thanks so much for this information.

    1. Thanks, Jaaxy has helped me a great deal and I still recommend it to everyone. I hope it has helped you achieve your dreams.


  3. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article about keywords for website optimization. I really learnt great ideas from keywords Jaaxy. You have written lots of helpful article which encouraged lots of people about affliate marketing.I am now with a Wealthy Affiliate. I will definitely be back to your website for some more of your helpful information on a lot of topics.I am bookmarking your article to share with friends.

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