Modular Motorcycle Helmet-My Indian Helmet

Modular Motorcycle Helmet

So last week was my birthday and it was great, I received the Indian Motorcycle rug for the motorcycle and the Indian modular helmet. I will review the Indian modular helmet that was a gift to me bought at the Indian dealer in Bismarck North Dakota

The modular helmet is looks good and it has nice colors and some nice Indian motorcycle emblems on the side. The interior of the helmet is light gray and black and comfortable to wear. It has an overhead venting port that you can adjust and adjustable chin vent for excellent venting at highway speeds. The clear visor also comes pin-lock ready with the extra screens and it comes with sun visor inside the helmet that deployes from the left side.;

Product Specs:

    • Integrated sun visor
    • High quality thermoplastic
    • Outer shell: 70% Polycarbonate/ 30% ABS
    • Inner shell: EPS
    • Matte Finish
    • Removable EPS inner shell
    • Washable cheek pads
    • Anti-fog Pinlock 30
    • Top and rear vents
    • Bluetooth compatible
    • DOT/ECE Certified
    • 1 Year manufactures warranty
Back of the helmet
Side view opened visor


This helmet is not made in the US unfortunately. It is made by the following Chinese company in business for over 25 years creating high quality products.

Foshan Nanhai Xinyuan Helmets Co., Ltd.

  • Established in 1988
    • Professional manufacturer specialized in
      designing, producing and exporting all kinds of Motorcycle Helmets and
      Bicycle Helmets.
    • Annual
      output of more than 1,000,000 units.
    • ECE and DOT inspection facilities which imported from Italy
    • “Be safe, be excellent” is our continual goal. It is our great pleasure to be your powerful supplier
      Opened helmet front view

      Side view opened helmet


My Indian Motorcycle Modular Route Helmet Summary

Title: Indian Modular Route Helmet

Product Description: A high quality thermoplastic modular helmet

Pros/Cons: Pro-Protection ECE/DOT certified, Cons-some road noise

Product Specs: See top at features

Guarantee: 1-Year

Price: $219.99 best price on (Here)

My Overall Review: 9 out of 10

In Summary, I do love this helmet, it was a great gift. The protection is superb all around the head and the lining is great! The secure clip that hold the helmet in place is fantastic, it clips on under the chin and it is easy to open the helmet up. This is an awesome feature when you stop and have to talk to another fellow rider. The sun visor is also great attention to detail which eliminates switching glasses or visors. My only pet peeve so far is that it is new and breaking in and I know this will soon not be a problem. I recommend this helmet for a beginner or advanced rider who would like the ultimate protection for their head.

If you enjoyed reading my review on my Modular Motorcycle Helmet, please feel free to leave a comment or your own review in the comment section below.

Ride with a helmet!


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4 Thoughts to “Modular Motorcycle Helmet-My Indian Helmet

  1. Hi Jesus,

    Great article!

    One of my best friends is a motorcycle, and soon he will turn 40 years old. I didn’t know what to buy for his birthday because he has everything I could imagine. He also has two helmets, but not like the one you described in the article. It sounds an excellent helmet! Since his two masks are black, I would like to know if it’s available in other colors?. Also, can he change the helmet to another one if he does not want it?

    Thank you very much for this excellent post!

    1. Daniella,

      Wish your friend a Happy Birthday from me, This is an excellent helmet because it is a modular helmet and you don’t have to take it off just flip it up. Unfortunately, it is only available in this color and yes he can exchange it if he is not happy with it or get a refund from the company. I hope you find him the perfect gift sounds like a good guy.

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. I have this helmet and I think it’s great. My only problem so far is installing a Bluetooth system onto it. The slide button to bring down the darkened visor is right where you would put a Bluetooth receiver. I’m going to try the Sena smh10r because it has such a small footprint but I’m afraid even that won’t fit under. For a Bluetooth ready helmet this one doesn’t seem to want Bluetooth attached and has no compartment to put a Indian sponsored receiver. Thoughts?

    1. Steve, I do think that this is a great helmet and comfortable. As far as bluetooth connectivity it is designed to work with it and the only thing that I can suggest is that you try a bluetooth devise that fits. I hope the new devise you are using works out for you because this is such a great helmet.
      Thanks for the comment,

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