The Helite Safety Airbag Hi-Viability Vest

I bought the Helite Safety Airbag Hi-Viability Vest about a year ago and wear it on every motorcycle ride. This is the best vest that you can wear while riding a motorcycle, the vest comes with many features which listed below;


  • The Turtle vest CE approved airbag effective in 0.1 seconds
  • Removable SAS-TEC back protector 1621-2 certified
  • Textile material is strong and abrasive
  • Retro-reflective tape for night use
  • Robust front clips for easy opening and closing
  • Interior 3D mesh for added for comfort

Held Airbag Vest Front View


This vest offers the highest level of protection at a reasonable price $629-$649 depending on the size. I found that the construction is good and it feels sturdy. I mean I am not a skinny guy I am a big guy and wear an extra large.

Held Airbag in Black


On the exterior of the vest you will find a pocket on mid torso left that happens to be the right size for a pair of earplugs and on the same side you will find a Velcro slip pocket that fits your ID cards. Useful when on a military post and pulling 1 ID when riding up to the guard shack.


This vest offers all of these feature;


  1. Offers the highest level of rider safety protection.
  2. Protects the spine and vital organs.
  3. Back protector on top of the airbag.
  4. Uses a CO2 cartridge and its tethered to the bike.
  5. If you fly off it deploys.
  6. When deployed it creates a rigid neck brace as well as firm support of the SPINE, BACK, CHEST, RIBS and KIDNEYS.
  7. This is the ultimate in rider safety.

And yes, I can go on about this, but this is a great investment and you will not appreciate it until you actually use it. I mean I hope I never have to use it but you never know.


Buy them here $629 up to $650 depending on the size of the rider. I recommend you buy it here because this vest was a great investment.

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